How to make pay per click work for businesses on a small budget

The web can be a crowded marketplace, so it pays to put your marketing budget to the most effective use possible. What many small to medium sized businesses often neglect is the fact that Google pay per click ads can be a cost-effective means of driving conversions and increasing profits. The good news is that you don’t need to allocate a huge marketing spend in order to reap the rewards of a pay per click agency campaign.

Google pay per click allows you to target potential customers at every stage – on a large budget you might be able to afford to target at every step, but on a smaller budget you can simply aim for keywords and phrases people search for when they’re ready to make a purchase. Combine this with geography, language and time zones and you’re on to a winner. As a general rule it’s best to avoid broad terms regardless of your budget – these will cost more and generate less custom.

Testing to find the magic formula

The key to a successful Google pay per click campaign is to test your messages to find out what works. The days of committing to one advert on a flyer or brochure are long gone – utilise the fact that you can change your message and call to action by experimenting to find out what works. You may be surprised at how a simple change of headline or description can increase click-through rates by anything from 10 to 20%.

Pay per click on a budget? Keep it brief

More often than not, simplicity works – keeping your pay per click content brief with a concise call to action. Ultimately, you want to give potential customers a reason to click through; whether that’s a good price, an optional extra or something else is for you to figure out. There’s no such thing as a perfect Google pay per click campaign – be prepared to constantly tweak and refine your AdWords in order to keep at the top of the game.

Don’t be afraid to outsource

Perfecting your pay per click campaign can be a lengthy, time-consuming task. If you, your employees and your colleagues are busy with other day-to-day facets of business, consider outsourcing your AdWords management to an agency which can help to maximise your profits, leaving you free to reap the rewards and continue with your daily tasks.